Today’s light reading: George Ryley Scott’s “A History of Prostitution.”
1. Japanese courtesans in their cages. 2. Luxury in a former Paris brothel at 7 rue des Moulins.
(Instagram: @likelace)

Today’s light reading: George Ryley Scott’s “A History of Prostitution.”

1. Japanese courtesans in their cages.
2. Luxury in a former Paris brothel at 7 rue des Moulins.

(Instagram: @likelace)

Coming home to rose tea and satin at the end of a tough week. x (Insta: @likelace ☕️)

Coming home to rose tea and satin at the end of a tough week. x (Insta: @likelace ☕️)

Anonymous asked: I know you said you think 40 - 60% of men pay for sex, but do you mean specifically in Australia or in general? Do you think this estimate is skewed by the fact that you live in a mining town with a skewed and isolated male population? I don't doubt that the number of men who pay for sex is higher than the oft-reported figure of 15%, but 60% just seems FAR too high. Plus, you said you have returning clients, & they likely see other SWs, so there has to be "crossover" accounted for as well, no?

(Reference to this post and this post.)

I’ve based my guess on my experience of escorting in Australia for two years. Again, this is only speculation. Take what I have to say with a grain of salt. ;)

Working in a mining state absolutely influences my opinion; men here have money to burn and they can have an escort at their doorstep within half an hour, if they wish. I’ve also taken into account that the industry is bigger and more competitive in larger cities. My first-hand experience is too limited for me to comment on what goes on internationally.

Yes, an overlap in clients is inevitable. My point was that my appearance and services fall into a niche, and I advertise in a high price bracket. This means I appeal to a very small portion of the market. If I’m being contacted by 15 new clients per day, what’s to say conventionally beautiful escort isn’t receiving 30 calls in that time? What about the hundreds girls who charge half, or even a quarter of what I charge? And what about the parlours? The agencies?

Let’s pretend for a moment that 60% was an accurate figure — why are you so shocked? Because men who see escorts are bad people, and only do so out of loneliness, addiction, or desperation? Because many of your colleagues could spend their lunch breaks in their office, browsing erotic classifieds and stroking their hard-on through their trousers? Because your brother, or husband, or grandfather couldn’t possibly have had his cock sucked by a whore? Just because people don’t openly talk about paying for sex, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. The sex industry is huge. Most people just don’t realise it.

Anonymous asked: Do you show clients a picture of yourself before meeting them?

Of course. 100% of my advertising is online, and I’ve spent thousands on photo shoots. Girls using fake photos to represent themselves is a huuuge problem in my city, so punters appreciate genuine pictures.

Anonymous asked: Some estimates posit that the amount of men who pay for sex are higher for men in the 35 - 55 range, and that the amount of younger men, particularly in gen x and the millennial generations is far lower, perhaps due to changing attitudes? Do you find this possibility to be true?

Honestly, I’m not the best person to ask about averages. As an alternative looking girl specialising in fetish bookings, I attract a different clientele to most escorts. I can say that it’s not uncommon for young men (20 - 30 years) to pay for sex, and the majority of my clients are under forty.

Anonymous asked: 40-60% of ALL men pay for full service sex??!! Is this your estimate for worldwide or just in Australia? That's an incredibly scary figure. I get that the rate of pay for sex is likely under reported, but sixty percent of all men?

Why is that scary to you?

40 - 60% was my guess, after working in Australia for two years. Keep in mind that sex work is legal and services are very easily accessible in my state.

Anonymous asked: Has your work at all impacted your view or trust (or distrust) of men? Do you approach the idea of a long-term relationship with a man differently now?

I covered your first question earlier (here) but if there’s something you’d like me to elaborate on, please do let me know.

Romantic relationships aren’t on the cards for me right now. I’m simply not ready.

Anonymous asked: Do you have 80 regular clients that you see every month, or 80 unique clients? Do these clients also use other sex workers and their services concurrently with yours (both at your places of employment and otherwise)?

80 clients is an all-inclusive average. I take on new clients almost daily, and regulars come and go. Keeping track of clients can be tricky as some men visit once every few days, weekly, monthly, or sporadically throughout the year. The percentage of regulars and first-time clients I see would be close to 60% and 40% respectively, I guess.

Yes, I can’t count how many bookings I’ve shared with other girls. My best friend and I share an apartment, and we have a lot of fun taking advantage of clients together, haha.

Anonymous asked: I agree that when you broaden the range of sex work, it becomes nigh impossible to find anyone who doesn't fit in the category. But when including things like porn and strippers' services, you start including a large portion of women as well (and, some would argue, majority of women especially if we are talking lifetime exposure). So I know you said you don't agree with the 1 in 10 stat, but do you think the number of clients for full service sex work is closer to this value?

(Reference to this post.)

If I’m considering full service sex work only, 10% still seems inaccurate. My guess falls somewhere between 40-60%. I’ve based this on the high demand for my services. My rates are higher than most girls in my state, and I can easily see 80 clients per month. This is not to mention the hundreds of men who contact me, but I reject for whatever reason. And I’m just one girl. There are hundreds of girls advertising in my city right now. Not to mention, gay men pay for sex too.

Who knows, I could’ve missed the mark completely. What do you think?

Anonymous asked: If a man is paying for sex on the day of his wedding do you think he could have addiction issues...or some other mental health problem? this blew me away

I can only guess. How am I to know if he’s battling mental illness, or just a selfish asshole?

Since you mentioned addiction, I think there’s a difference between being addicted to sex and being addicted to seeing sex workers. The latter isn’t solely about intercourse; some men get off on the thrill of being whoever they want to be, and forgetting their day-to-day responsibilities.

I’m not entirely sure when the line between healthy enjoyment and addiction is crossed, but I’ve met a handful of men who’s habits are painfully obvious. The most money I’ve seen a client spend at the brothel in the course of one weekend was $21,000+. I’ve also had a regular confide that he has no savings because he spends almost $10,000 per week on escorts.

Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for clients to openly discuss various mental health concerns, but I don’t feel like these issues necessarily drive them to pay for intimacy.

Anonymous asked: What percentage of men do you think pay for sex, then? And are you counting use of resources provided by sex workers such as porn, lap dances, etc., or do you mean intercourse?

I showed "the 10% question" to my (only) close male friend, and his response hit the nail on the head:

"I think it’s bullshit, as most stats are. Prostitution is illegal in most countries and frowned upon in more. How anyone has managed to survey such a thing without wild speculation is far beyond me.

Sexual statistics seem to all be a bit of a joke really. I saw one from last year that saw more Americans admitting to fucking their pets and family members than cheating in relationships. That simply cannot be true. People lie about their private lives all the time.

There is a portion of he male population that enjoys regular paid sex, just as there are those who are vehemently opposed to even the idea. How to accurately gauge the male appreciation for prostitutes in society seems to be something close to impossible.

I guess one way would be to say that sex sells. Girls make money from men all over the world by selling just the idea of sex. Women have been making a living from selling sex since before the history books were written.”

Although I disagree with the statistic, I’m assuming the 1 in 10 figure is exclusive to full service sex work. If I was to estimate the percentage of males (in Australia) who’ve paid for a lap dance, wanked to the sound of a phone sex operators voice, licked a pro-domme’s toes, or viewed porn, I’d guess upwards of 95%. (And for the record, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.)

I’d love to hear everybody else’s opinions!

Anonymous asked: I worry that I'll end up with a man who will pay for sex while we're together and it gives me a hard time trusting men when I hear about all these married men who see escorts and such. Do you feel like there's a particular type of man who seeks out paying for sex? Has your work made you more distrustful of men?

I’m probably not the best person to ask about this, but I’m going to be candid here. My thoughts are similar; so much so that my kinesiologist (therapist) and I discuss it frequently.

Of course men are capable of being honest and dignified in their relationships, but honestly, I find it hard to imagine because it’s rarely been a part of my reality. I witness men cheating on their wives almost every single day. On top of this, I’ve caught an ex boyfriend lying. Not only did he come into my workplace and fuck one of my “friends”, but he also paid for sex when I was hospitalised and recovering from major surgery, overseas.

The lengths some clients go to to cover their lies is nauseating. There are forums upon forums dedicated to this shit. I’ve had men bring their own body wash and shampoo to my apartment so their partners don’t pick up any hints of my bathroom products. I’ve seen a guy bring his dogs to the brothel and leave them in the car at six o’clock in the morning, while telling his wife he’s walking them along the foreshore. Just last week, my best friend had a client fuck her on this morning of his wedding.

Do I think particular “types” of men book escorts? Absolutely not. Judges, lawyers and policemen have paid me for sex. Unemployed men, fresh out of prison have paid me for sex. High profile public figures have paid me for sex. Devout religious men who claim not to believe in sex before marriage have paid me for sex. Black, white, and Asian men have paid me for sex. I’ve fucked men students and I’ve fucked retirees. The spectrum is much broader than what most people could imagine.

This industry has killed what little respect I had left for men. The thing is, my clients pay to be in fantasy situations. When they’re around me, they’re completely different to who they are in their daily lives. I’m exposed to elements of their personalities that their friends, bosses, and families have never seen. The veil of anonymity allows some men to be more arrogant, entitled, irresponsible, needy, and misogynistic. Are they putting on this act because I’m a stranger, or are they letting their guard down and behaving naturally? I don’t know which is worse.

Logically I know plenty of men are trustworthy, and that a thriving relationship is absolutely achievable when built of a foundation of mutual respect and fluid communication. I also know that generalising is unproductive, and that my outlook is unhealthy. (As I said, I’ve spoken to my therapist about this in great length.) However, I can only speak from my experiences. Developing a distrust for men seems to be almost inevitable when I’ve spent the past two years of my life hearing men slander and lie to women they supposedly love.

Anonymous asked: Some stats say around ten percent of men have paid or will pay for sex in their lifetime. Do you think this is accurate?

Hahaa, fuck no. “10% of men will admit to paying for sex in their lifetime” seems more accurate to me.

I just uploaded this to Facebook before realising how prominent my nipples are. Oops, too late to take it down now.

I just uploaded this to Facebook before realising how prominent my nipples are. Oops, too late to take it down now.

Sometimes I find it difficult to relate to non-sex workers

Me: So what did you do this weekend?
Friend: On Saturday I stayed in and watched movies with my boyfriend, and then he cooked breakfast the next morning. Sooo cute. What about you?
Me: Oh cool… I shoved needles through a guy’s balls, and fisted someone’s ass.